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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tortilla shells

For a long time, my dh has been asking if I would make tortilla shells.  He kept telling me they would surely be way cheaper than the store bought ones.  I knew he was probably right, but ugh, it sounded like a lot of work to me. 

Last week I made my first batch and dh was thrilled.  He even thought they were better than the store bought ones, though we ate more because mine were smaller.  Mine were also definitely not round and beautiful like the store-bought.

Here's the picture story of me and the Tuesday sous chef making tortillas.  Each of the older five children have a night of cooking, I'll work the younger two in some how.  The youngest always finds his way to the kitchen when I'm working which is why we call him "Little Chef" around here.
started off the afternoon with a surprise - pumpkin chai and choclate chip cookies

The sous chef at work - do not mess with perfection

About ready to be turned over

I rolled out the dough and he flipped and perfected to his heart's content.
Mine are the not-so-round ones and see the plate?  He's working on circular shells.

Clean as you go is the motto

Yummy tortilla shells
Cost $1 for 40 shells, instead of $7.50

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