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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 27 - Entry and hallway

Hmm, lots of work to be done here.  One of my goals is to keep this area clean, as this is the entrance for families who bring their children.  It's also the entrance for those who do chores and for those who bring home groceries.  We do have another entrance, but it's not convenient for anyone except those who want to go to the front yard.
Too many coats in this small hallway make it difficult to get in and out.  So only our town coats can go here and backpacks for school.  Then we'll have room for others' coats and some of the little people's coats who visit every day.

Did you see the drawers in the first picture?  That is my system for organizing - gloves, hats and scarves.  I've been wondering what to do for awhile. While I cleaned the little boys' room, I realized I didn't need that in there.  Now it has become my answer for the problem of winter wear.  Not that each drawer only holds one thing - I'll try but it won't last long.
The blurry bench is my solution for crocks and sandals.  I used it for gloves last year, but it was too small and unorganized.

So there you have my entry and hallway.

Making the most of today

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