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Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 14 - Medicine cabinet or as we call it - the bathroom closet

Top shelves in the closet

Lower shelves in the closet
Floor f the closet
Today was the challenge of the medicine cabinet, but we keep ours in the bathroom closet, soooo as you can see I had some work to do.

I cleared off one shelf at a time - starting at the top.  Once I had everything off, I decided to put shampoos and soaps up there and also our basket of insect repellant and sunscreen and my basket of fingernail polish and remover.  So those things went up there and anything that didn't fit was left on the kitchen table.

Next shelf was a good height for cleaning supplies.  Tall enough to handle some of the tall bottles and also high enough to be impossible to get for the babies. 

The organized top shelves
Next was the medicine stuff - still too high for the babies.  Toothpaste etc, and in one basket, bandaids and neosporin.  There is also a basket with deodarant supplies etc.  The shelf below has more of the same and toiletpaper and way in the back, supplies for the next time I need to make laundry detergent.

The second set of shelves. 
 Things are contained in clear bins so that we can pull out a bin of what we need.  Hair supplies are also on this shelf.

Finally, the floor.  I put a dresser unit in here a long time ago.  One drawer is for hair supplies, one for washcloths and one for handtowels.  Bath towels are stored in my room.    Toilet paper is supposed to be to the side of it and some cleaning cloths, but as you can see above it wasn't kept neat.

Now a neater look
A shot of the whole cupboard
 Now I can find stuff!!!!!  I was able to throw away quite a few more things than 10!!!!  Old medicine, bottles and other junk, nothing was worth giving away. Oh, and all told this project took me about a half hour.
Have a great Monday!


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