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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 30 - Garage Day 2

The second stall in our two-car garage.

As you can see it's also a workshop - makes it hard to keep clean
We just made a trip to the "big city" for supplies for siding our house, so it's even messier than when I took these photos last week.

So today, I took some time to put those supplies away and straighten up.  There was some trash, but without dh around I didn't want to start throwing a lot away. 

So I swept this side and found a mouse dead on the floor, yuck!  Our cat, Goliath, was walking out as I went in.  I guess he must have said, "Look, for the present I left you." as he was passing but I missed it.  Thankfully, the kids pointed the mouse out, or I might have stepped on him, ewww!

Making the most of today.

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