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Monday, October 22, 2012

My day in pictures

Rise and shine (5:30 a.m.)  And make sure that bed gets made first thing - or it won't happen
Breakfast - I don't always have help, as the kids snooze till about 10 till 6:00
Breakfast at 6:00 or a bit after

Time to clean those rooms - lest they get like this AGAIN!!!!!  Babies arrive shortly after we finish

Our chariot
Inside the chariot- so thankful for God's provision

My three littlest school kids

School for the three younger ones
and one to piano - reading every moment he can :)

At home again - start laundry - fold as we go - and a cup of coffee doesn't hurt either.
Babies to feed and then put down for a nap
School - I hate it, but this is how it looks.  ONLY ONE SUBJECT OUT AT A TIME PLEASE!!! 
Lunch amidst the mess - unless I'm on task - which I wasn't.
Babies fed and down for naps again.
Pick up the kids from school
Babies start heading home around 4 and then last ones get picked up a bit after 5.

Supper needs to be on and almost finished by this time.

Daddy calls - he's heading home.

Supper all together


Ahhh! Bed

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