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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 17 - Decorative things in the living area

Today we're working on the living area.  What things are necessary for the look of your home?  What things do you have just because you inherited them or someone gave them to you?  Would you feel guilty about giving some of these things up even if you don't like them?

What things do you love?  I say keep them.  What things don't you love?  I think you should free yourself of them and get rid of them.  But with one caution, check with your dh and see if he loves them.  This not only our home, but our husbands as well. 

Our children, on the other hand, needs some help and guidance in deciding not to keep everything that they own or we own.  So I would suggest that we ask them, but would not necessarily keep everything that they want to. 

Reasons for keeping things should be taken into consideration, maybe your child feels that a certain thing reminds them of a loved one and has special meaning to them.  If so could it be stored in their memory box?  With the reminder that the memory box only holds so many things and when it's full, something must leave for another thing to find its home there.

In our house there are not a lot of decorative items.  We lived overseas for six years and now have been here for six years.  But we can always weed out some things that we've accumulated that don't really fit with the scheme we have for our house.
Just a reminder that the list of days for de-cluttering comes from this site:

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