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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 25 - Basement Day 1

This week my husband let me know that we need to move some things to this room, so he can finish a basement wall he's been working on.  The attic is available, because we never stored much up there before, and now we have a LOT more room, but it's not finished either.  Sooooo I don't want to haul stuff up there that we'll have to move later.  Dh (dear husband) doesn't want that either.

Day 25 is the Bathroom Closet in Bathroom #1.  Neither of my bathrooms have closets in them and we did the "Bathroom Closet" when it was the day for the medicine cabinet.  Confusing????  All I'm trying to say is that you should shift stuff around and do it when it's convenient for you and you don't have the same rooms as I do, so that will change things as well.
My basement project
A second look
We use these boxes to carry pies to the rodeo,
 but I think the kids will use them under their bed in the mean time
for blankets, or half-finished lego projects
Kids hauled stuff up to the attic on Day #1, and I realized, I NEED TO SORT THIS STUFF!!!!!!.  So  Day #2 - well.....see the next post for Day #2

Making the most of today for HIS glory,

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