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Saturday, January 27, 2018

School room clean up

So I'm slowing down on my purging but still have so far to go.  I worked on the school room the other day.  It was a mess as it always seems to be.  I can only keep it clean for a week or two before it becomes a mess.  This time it was a mess as we had to completely move out of one room to make room for our new gentleman who moved in.  Everything was put in the school room so that we could get his room ready.

I found a lot of things that I'm just ready to be done with.  I just want to have less to move from one place to another.  A huge box went into the back of the van to take to donate at the thrift store downtown.  Less is better.  Less is easier to clean. 

Keep pressing on,

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Laundry - Week 8 Day 5

While doing laundry today, I found many items that were too small or stained to continue using.  So I thought that I would just discuss my method for paring things down during laundry. 

I usually go through the children's clothes every few months, specifically when the seasons change.  But in the meantime, I sort things when I'm going through the laundry. 

I also have the children put clothes that are too small on my bed, but that doesn't always happen. 

Today I found 12 items that needed to find a new home.

For the last day of the 8 week challenge: My total is 723 items.

I will continue to sort and purge in our house.  There is always much to do here.

Keep pressing on,

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

My room - Week 8 Day 4

Today I worked on my room.  I found quite a few things that I don't need and really like the look of my room better now.  I wanted to make it more cozy with a space for everything and not a lot of clutter.  I want it to be a haven rather than a place to throw the things that don't have a place.

What a pile of things to remove from my house?  It makes me happy to think that some of this will be able to be enjoyed by someone else and some of it will be thrown away, but I won't be moving it around my house from one spot to another.  

This helps me to keep things clean when the things in our house have a place and the things that don't  have a place are given to someone who can use them, or thrown away.

Today's number of items: approximately 20 items; goal for the day - 390 items

Total items for the challenge: 711 items

Keep pressing on,

Monday, January 15, 2018

More on kids' toys - Week 8 Day 3

Today, I cleaned, thoroughly, the boys' room.  We are missing an AWANA book and we decided that we should fully clean the room in order to find it.  No such luck! But! We did find a lot of things to throw away and give away. 

I spent the afternoon watching a movie and sorting legos from all the other junk in the Lego box.  I found 100 things to throw or give away. 

The last few days are assigned to areas that don't need work in my house, so I will continue to work on the areas that need it.  It took a lot longer than 15 minutes. 

Our house has way too much stuff in it.  Way too much.  And my husband and I are ready to pare it down a lot.  We moved a lot of things to the garage that will be ready for a trip to the dump and/or to be donated. 

Today I found 100 things.  The goal for the day is 380 items.

Total for the challenge is currently 691 items.

Keep pressing on,

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Kids' Toys Day 1 and 2 - Week 8 Day 1 and 2

Today we worked on kids' toys.  My girls have boxes that they keep under their bed and they get filled with junk.  We worked on one today.

Total items thrown away: 6 items

Total items for the challenge: 575 items; Goal for the day - 360 items

For Day 2 we did another box:
Total items thrown away were 16 items

Total items for the challenge: 591 items: Goal for the day - 370 items

Keep pressing on,

Monday, January 8, 2018

Garage Day 2 - Week 7 Day 5

I'm back!  I've been busy with some new changes in our household.

After our loss last year of the precious 81-year old lady who lived with us for over 2 years, I wasn't sure I'd ever want to add another person to our household in the same way.  It was so tough losing her and the loss is still felt throughout our household.

Just before Christmas, I was approached by my boss to see if I would be willing to take another person into our home.  A gentleman needed a home in two weeks.  His care giver was moving and he couldn't move with her.

I spent last week painting and cleaning out this room, in preparation.

I'm still not done painting.  I have some touch-ups to do and pictures to be hung, but it's live-able.

This week is beautiful and I can get out to the Garage and do that other side that I've been planning to work on for over a week.  

There wasn't a lot to throw away, actually all the trash bags that must go to the dump are in this side of the garage.   But that has already been designated as trash.  

I simply straightened up in this area - moving the saw where it goes and putting all the trash in one pile.  Then we swept the floor, dumped the sand that was in the wagon in the garage. 

Nothing was thrown away today.   So the total remains the same at 569 items and the goal for today was 350.

Keep pressing on and stay encouraged even with small steps,

Friday, December 29, 2017

Game stuff - Week 7 Day 4

Last night I was able to work on the game box that gets filled with the pieces I find throughout my cleaning.  I don't always have the time I need to put them where they are supposed to go, so I have a little box that I collect the game pieces.

So I sorted them and was very particular about what I saved.  This is a project that I need to do with the kids involved.  I don't know to which games the pieces belong, and they do.

I threw away a lot of cards that aren't full decks, so I hit the jackpot yesterday.

Yesterday's total was a conservative 90 items.

Total for the challenge: 569 items; Goal for today was 340 items

Keep pressing on,