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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 31 - Piano room

The piano room

This room has been bothering my husband for awhile, so even though it wasn't next on the list, I switched stuff around and made today the day to do this room.

Moved the piano to the adjacent wall

Cleared all of their books out of here to the dining room table

Took apart the table and took it to the attic.  Our hope is that one day the attic will be their room and this table would be a great place to work on legos or puzzles.

Two desks moved in and two to go.  I teach the three older boys and the littlest one is doing pre-school. 
Hopefully, all of this means no more messy dining room table, though that is where they will work with me on a subject.  As you can see there is no room for a desk for me, so for now we will make this work.  Another plus is one of the babies loves Jones and is always pulling on him to play, now I will be able to keep track of Jones and where he's at in his work, but Baby A won't have access to him.  He will still be able to see Jones, but can't get to that room.  Hopefully this will help.

Making the most of today

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