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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 37 - Laundry Room

Appropriate plaque for our family

Almost always laundry.  Once a week or so, I do get caught up.

Caught up means there isn't enough laundry in any one basket to justify a full load. There is ALWAYS laundry.

 A look at the shelves

I decided that since I go down to the laundry room at least four times a day, I should do a bit every time, instead of making a special trip.  So today the plan was to do as much as I could while the washer fills, just to give me a stopping place.  As I walked down, I looked at the shelf with the detergents and softener, and thought I would work on that one part of the shelf.

So I started the next load of wash, and put all the lego pieces, marbles, batteries, and other kid junk that probably came from pockets into a coffee can.  All the trash went into the trash bag from the bathroom downstairs.  That served as double duty as that trash DID need to go.  Then I wiped off the shelf and straightened the detergent, the pot that I used to use for making my detergent and the softener.  Done, and the washer isn't even half filled. 

I decided to head back upstairs and do more on a different time downstairs. 

I came back down to start another load, and decided I could handle the other two shelves.  One of the shelves has a cooler on it, so I didn't need to do anything there.  The shelf above the detergent is where we keep TP and paper towels for downstairs.  I got the cobwebs down and the shelf wiped off in record time, so I straightened the shelf with all the tools and parts for when the dryer gets moved downstairs.  I don't dare throw any of it away, for if I do it will certainly be the part that he desperately needs. 

So another room done and just a few minutes per load of laundry for that. 

Making the most of today,

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