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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 32 - Nursery room

This room needs some straightening and organizing

First I need to assess the damage.  What needs to be done?  How do I "eat this elephant" that's been hanging over my head?  Again, because of urgency, I switched my plan around to get this room done as soon as possible.  Company coming this weekend makes this a must

Bed must be made.

Changing table is needed until Friday so this looks fine for now.

Ugh, toys everywhere.  We store them here and bring them to the living room for the babies or the pre-schoolers play in here with their "big kid" toys that aren't safe for the babies.

A bit at a time things got done today.  When I had a spare second I ran into the nursery and did a couple more things.  So we are ready for company.

Making the most of today for His glory,

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