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Thursday, January 10, 2013


The other day, Carpenter called me from work.  "Tonight," he said, "we must send out thank-yous for the gifts we recieved on Christmas Day."  So thankful that he thought of it.  It was in my plan to write thank-yous while the kids were on Christmas break, but we were having to much fun doing nothing much at all. 

So that night, I got out the stickers and some construction paper.  I had thought that we would each make our own, but at that time of night (8:00) I was too tired to get that all organized, so I made a card for each person we needed to thank.  I wrote a short note of thanks and then passed it to the next person.

Each child could pick out one card to decorate with stickers, otherwise it would be all stickers with no note. 

We had fun working together.  It wasn't the way I planned or envisioned it, but it is done.  The next day, I put them in envelopes and today they are heading out in the mail.

I think it's not necessary anymore to write thank-you's at least from a givers standpoint, as long as I know you got the package I sent.  But it's very nice to recieve a thank-you and it's one way for my kids to remember that they were blessed with a gift and that giver can be respected with a simple card and one sentence to say Thank you.

Day 10 - just finished reading through Genesis 30 and I'm studying Esther 7 - I was wrong yesterday and had just finished up chapter 6.  How are you all doing?

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