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Friday, January 18, 2013

Titus 2 Tea - Personal - Food

This is not really a good topic for me.  I am not good at this.  We make as much as we can from scratch, not because it's healthier, but because it's almost always cheaper.   If I worked outside the home we would eat more packaged foods.

But I am taking the chance this year to "step it up" as I am trying to do in other areas of my life.  I think eating carrot sticks and fresh raw vegetables would be a much better snack for us, along with fruit of course. Generally, though, we don't have such things around because a bag of apples is maybe 2 snacks, if we're good and don't eat it all in the first one. 

So my goal is that when I buy milk on Wednesday for our double-punch day, I will grab a bag of carrots, (not baby carrots unless they're cheaper than the other) and a bag of the cheaper fruit.  If we can step it up further and I can get two of each all the better.

I think that it will not only be healthier but more filling.  I continue to try to make my mixes for stews and spaghetti etc.  I should even try to make my own chili mix, haven't gotten that far yet, but I have found a great recipe for chili beans. 

When we eat right, we are healthier, and more able to respond appropriately - not that that is a good excuse for sin, but it helps us think better.

My sister (step-sister) is so much better at explaining this and also has done a lot more research.  Her blog has some recipes at so go check her out if you haven't been following her already.  She writes some great stories that have great application for mothers and wives.

Making the most of today

Day 18 brings me to Exodus 4 and I'm still in Esther 8.

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