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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Compost project - complete and something new

This is the post from yesterday.  My Carpenter man was sick this weekend and yesterday he was on the mend, but not ready for work yet.  So he was on the computer and I was only a bit, and we spent time talking about the direction our lives should go. Sorry this is late.

We're moving the compost project out to the garden.  It will be a bit more of a trek for us, but it's a better place for it, right next to the place we'll use it.

So we'll staple the chicken fence on the inside of the bin today and then move it over there.

Now, I'm starting something new.  Trying to get back into the quilt guild here.  The first job is to make a traditional log cabin block.  We're going to be doing a bunch of these log cabin blocks but in different ways. 
So that's what I'm working on currently.

Day 21 thru Exodus 13 - we're studying this in Sunday School, so it's kind of fun to read it over again during the week.

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