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Monday, January 7, 2013

Compost project - complete for now.

Well, the project is not done, nor is it beautiful, but for now we are finished with it. 

I will not do a project with so many little pieces for  a long time.  Straight edges and no 45 degree angles.  It ended up being in the way because I couldn't continue working on it in the basement.  So because we had it in the garage, I had to hurry it up.  That made it more work than fun.  But it's done for now.  All it still needs is some wire mesh stapled to the inside of the frame.

Now our vegetable scraps will go in there until spring and we can start putting other stuff in there. 

One more project for the garden done. 

And in the meantime I've been making the most of each day, by doing some more of my favorite thing - organizing and de-cluttering.


Carpenter's theology books are now organized and neat again.
Update: I totally forgot to post, but didn't forget to keep up with my goal.  I was on Day 7 on this day and I read Genesis 19-21 and more from Esther 5


  1. Looks good! When I lived in your house I used to have a compost pile behind the south treeline, by the burn barrel. I miss having one now that we live in town. I tried one of those trash barrel ones which works ok, but we have way more scraps than room in the barrel and it could not keep up. An open to air one like yours would be perfect, but I am not sure our neighbors would care for it. :-(

  2. I hope they don't smell too bad. I will have to see if it works. It can't be worse than having cows in the lot though. :)

  3. No if you turn it often and add plenty of dry material to the kitchen scraps it should be fine. I never had a problem when I lived out there. :-)