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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A fun way to memorize scripture

I've been following Ann Voskamp's blog  She's challenged us to memorize Romans chapters 1, 8 and 12 this year.  I blew it off but as I've been reading her posts, I felt the urge and the need to do some memory work. 

The Romans Project - Bible Memory Group

She mentioned a site  So I decided to try it.  Oh, my is it ever addicting!  I just started yesterday and now have 10 verses of Romans mastered.  I'm not crazy enough to think I really know them, but each day I will review those verses before adding a new one. 

I also made the boys (the older two) a page with a special list from their Awana books.  They can practice their verses and their typing.  What makes it fun is trying to beat your words per minute. 

I would like my other typing-age kids to be able to do this as well.  The key thing is that they should already know how to use their fingers with typing.  It isn't for teaching typing.  It's mostly for memorizing.

So have fun, find something you want to memorize or find a group that you want to join there are a bunch of them.   Hiding God's Word in your heart while you're having fun - the best!!!!

Making the most of today,

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