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Monday, January 14, 2013

Project Day - organizing with binders

Why I do what I do
 I just had to add this picture of Tractorman.  His new haircut has me thinking of my dad's pics of when he was a boy, but this one just doesn't show it too much.  All that I do is so that I can raise him and his siblings to godly men and women, ultimately it is to bring glory to my King.

I had some binders left over from my Titus 2 group, and have slowly been filling them with things that need to be more organized.  They sit on top of my microwave next to the pens and pencils.

My piano binder
 We've been having trouble keeping up with piano, and who's done it and who hasn't.  And the piano teacher is asking, "How many times did you practice?"  and I'm thinking to myself, while my child is trying to formulate an answer, "I heard the piano, but don't know if it was you or not."

A page in each of my binders from the Time-Warp Wife's blog
 I need to keep this quote before my eyes and my children's eyes constantly, so it's in all of my binders.

A calendar behind the tab with their name
 A piece of candy twice a day.  You may practice as many times as you like, but only twice will I give a piece of candy for it.  Place a checkmark in the day you practiced.  Two checks show that you practiced twice. 

They never ever forget their candy, but they do forget to put the check mark.  But the point is to practice more faithfully and they are.

Day Care Planner
I love the pinwheels.

 A page for one of the kids.  Each child has a tab and each one has a page like this one above for an emergency - were someone needing to come in and take over for me.  The boys know the schedule, but not as well as I do.

 Then they each have a calendar page where I can mark their attendance and when they paid.  If they are not going to be here on their regular day or if they had to stay late.  You get the idea.

Holiday Planner
With all the ribbon swirls, doesn't it feel like a party?

I am currently using FLYLady's control journal for this.
 Favorite recipes go in here, good ideas of fun stuff we like to do, anything to keep me remembering what we enjoyed this year.

Garden planner

This hasn't come very far yet, but I always figure I have plenty of time...but I don't.  Spring will be here soon.  My plan this year is to mostly plant things that freeze well.   We'll see how this year goes.  I'd love to try square-foot gardening this year. 

And finally, school planners
Jones' planner
Tabs for each subject
It will be followed by a calendar page with assignments for each day.  As they finish an assignment they will mark off the day.  They will be able to work ahead and if they get behind they will not be able to mark it off till it's done.  I'm hoping it will work better than what we've been doing.

I want to be the best at what I do.  I wear a lot of hats and there are a lot of things that need remembering, so I need to have some place to keep all my info in one place and for me, this is the easiest.  I just used scrapbooking pages to put in the fronts of my binders to make them fun.

Making the most of today,

Day 14 takes me through Genesis 42 and I'm still in Esther 7.

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