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Monday, January 28, 2013

Log cabin block and some "spicing" up in the kitchen

The log cabin block - their color suggestion was blues and creams or whites.  Red is the center because it means the hearth or fireplace of the home.

Final product
The next project I started was pre-mature.  I don't have enough baby food jars to do it yet, but I started it anyway.  So I will continue working on this until I have the spices in jars.  The Little Miss better start gobbling up her baby food. :)

Before and after pics - but the after ones are a bit decieving.  That is what it will look like in time.
before of the cupboard - I can't find anything!!!!!

before of the drawer - a bit of a mess

This is how I want it to look.  I can see everything that I have and don't need to rummage around in her and drop things to find what I want.

This is reality - this is actually how this drawer looks right now.  But I will be adding jars as I get them.
How to get there is simple.  The Pinterest board I found had chalkboard paint and a chalk marker, but of course, our teeny "W" store doesn't carry such things.  So I improvised.  I bought regular spray paint and a metallic marker.

Then we were to line the drawer with wrapping paper, but I couldn't find any, unless it said "Happy Birthday" on it.  So I didn't want that.  I found a plastic placemat and liked how it looked with my green lids, ignore the little red ones - eventually they will be gone and it will be just green in there.  Those little things just happened to fit in the drawer, so I brought them over early.
I happen to have a supply of baby food jars, so I used those, but four ounce mason jars are what the Pinterest idea called for.  That would make this project a little out of my range price-wise.  I spent $1 on the markers and $2 on the placemat and about $4 on the paint. 

The thing about this job was it was fun just to get something organized.  It took very little time.  Kids could even help some if they're outside doing the painting - and it was a great weekend for outside painting. :)
Now I can actually find stuff in my cupboards and I won't be digging in the drawer for things.  Baking and cooking will be much more fun!

Making the most of today,

Day 28 - Wow!  January is flying by.  We are in Exodus 34 and over the weekend I decided to add a Psalm each day to the mix.  It will give me something bright and cheery to add to my list of laws I'm reading as I go through Exodus and Leviticus.  Also it is more than 3 chapters a day, if I want to get through in a year, so this should help.  Have a great day!

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