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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Another year

Many of us are taking stock of last year.  My husband and I spent part of Christmas Day revisiting our dreams and desires for our future, checking to see if we are on track, and planning goals for next year.  I love doing that because it gives me a picture of what we want as a family.

It doesn't work very well for me to do it by myself, because I'm not the leader of this family...because he has thoughts and insights that I don't have...and because he can see the pitfalls that I don't see.  So what a joy it was to write down these things. 

My goal is to take these goals and try to start formulating a plan to continue in them.  Some of them are Carpenter's deal and not mine at all.  But an orchard, good garden (no weeds), and raising meat are something that I can help with.  First up, a place for an orchard and for raising meat, so Carpenter is on that as much as possible.

Personally, my resolutions for this year are, to be in the Word daily.  This is such a struggle for me.  I have a lot on my plate and therefore it gets missed a lot, so I want to be accountable to you all.  I'm on Day 2 today, oh and it's January 2nd.  So I'm doing good.  It's helpful for me to formulate a plan for things.  So I will try to train myself, not to blog until I have been in the Word that day.  That's my plan, and that way I can let you know what day I am on.  Will you join me? 

My goal is not to read through the Bible this year, but just to spend time studying His Word.  I'm working through Esther right now, using Darlene Schacht's Life Application Bible Study.   It's been very good and I'm enjoying it. 

But if you want to read through the Bible in a year, I think 3 chapters a day would do it - a chapter at each meal or just after each meal.  What a great testimony to our children that would be and I believe it would make a difference in our lives as well.  His word is so powerful!!!

Another thing that I want to work on this next year is stepping it up to another level as a mom, wife, and a house-keeper.  Blogging has helped me see progress this last year, and I am not disappointed in where I am, because it's huge progress.  But I know I can move on to better, always. 

Last year, my laundry was stacked high, so I want to continue keeping it done daily.  My husband is so helpful with this, encouraging me to continue.  He doesn't do a lot with it, except on the weekends if we're behind a bit.  But yesterday, he and the boys hauled buckets of wash water outside to dump because our leech field is frozen and it can only handle small amounts of water.

We had a lot of laundry and they got me all caught up.  Thanks guys!!!!  It was a lot of work.

What are you thinking of working on this year?  I've heard it said that you shouldn't make resolutions because you'll for sure break them, but I disagree.  What I do agree with is that it shouldn't just be at New Year's.  If you fall down, get up and try again, but if you have to start at New Year's you'll wait a long time before you'll be able to start again.

So don't make huge expectations for yourself, just step it up in ONE way and work on that till you get it, then add another thing, all through the year.

Have a great year!

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