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Monday, June 10, 2013

Project Monday - Crafts, crafts and more crafts!

Today, I'm mostly going to be cleaning up after a weekend full of concessions.  Thankfully, we came through it with  a lot of victories.  The lawn is looking good, even though there is still more mowing to be done.  The garden is not over grown with weeds.  And my laundry was only four loads, which is about normal for a Monday.  Yay!!!

Despite the fact that I am exhausted, I cannot nap because I have babies coming for the day.  I may catch a couple of winks during the after lunch movie, but can never count on that.  Soooooo, to keep myself from wishing the day away and sitting here and moaning over the fact that I'm tired and can't take a rest, I will fill my day with things that need to be done - and go to bed early.

Today, Bugaboo and I will plan the crafts (for Friday through the summer), and figure out what supplies we need. 

We have seven or eight Fridays of babysitting before school starts.  There are actually 9 Fridays before school starts.

Our first project is going to be painting rocks for our garden which I did for the big garden already.  Rocks for the garden

After that I've searched Pinterest for some cute ideas and we'll pick about 10 of them.   Then we'll make a shopping list.   I'm going to try to have some pics up from time to time about the fun stuff we get to do. :)

Keep pressing on,

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