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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts - where my strength is found

On so many days, I feel weary and worn.  I want to shout at my children, "Stop yelling at each other and get along already!!!!  I don't know how I'm going to make it another minute, let alone finish the day.

There is so much to remember to accomplish and so many things to do in the day.  I usually don't finish the day remembering everything that I thought I should do or that Carpenter asked me to do.  Which is why I use my notebook to plan my day - somewhat. 

But there is no strength in that.  That's just a discipline that I have found works for me.  When I use it, I generally remember the things I need to remember.

The one place that I do find strength is in the Word.  When I fill my mind with God's Word, His Words consume me through the day.  I still don't always respond appropriately - like when I don't get my way.  Sounds kind of childish, doesn't it?  But I respond better, and as I've said before here, it doesn't take me pulling on any bootstraps - it doesn't take much work on my part. 

The biggest step is to be in the Word.  When I am obedient in that regard, I have found that it takes effort but not an enormous amount to be kind and gentle.  And also when I am really engaged in the Word, I find so much joy.  And we talked about that last week. 

But it's so fun to be in the Word and finding new things all the time.  Which is why the Scripture Typer program works well for me.  I find myself distracted when I just read the Word, so actively typing it into the computer on a daily basis has been a help for me.

Get your strength.  Get into the Word.  And then share it with someone, it will double or triple the effect, and as my I John teacher used to say, "When you share it two or three times, you won't forget it."

Keep pressing on, (but not in your strength but in the strength of the Lord),

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