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Friday, June 21, 2013

Titus 2 Tea - Outdoor projects


 The outdoor projects are coming along.  We are now gathering peas and strawberries daily.  We've had some radishes and lettuce and even a bit of broccoli from our garden.  Right now, the main work of the garden is weeding.  And taking care of the produce that comes in for the day.

The big bale of hay is for keeping the weeds down.  It will really help when our corn comes up and in among the strawberries.  It also helps with keeping the water from evaporating right away.  Jeff's uncle dropped it off today for us to use.  It's a blessing to have such wonderful neighbors.

 We (the boys) finally finished splitting the wood that was near our firepit.  Now we are just in the final stages of cleaning up the wood chips in that area.

And the flower beds constantly need weeding.  Keeping up means that lately I spend 1/2 hour out of most every hour outside.  Because of the heat, I work inside the other half hour.

Keep pressing on

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