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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday's Household - Keeping up

This post was written last weekend.

This week is starting VBS and as soon as VBS is out on Friday, we'll be loading vans to head to the rodeo.  The teens are doing concessions for a rodeo in Kansas.  It's Friday night and Saturday night and we (or rather I ) have to make sure we have everything.

So Carpenter has been busy this weekend, making sure that the laundry kept going and helping me put it away and then he came out to the garden with me and helped me do some hoeing and weeding. 

Then we saw the grass, growing tall, around the garden and he went and grabbed the weed whacker and started whacking.  Since we couldn't talk, I started up the lawn mower and mowed the lawn.  Something that was on my list for during the week, but I knew I probably wouldn't have time for it.

I normally rest up the weekend before this week every summer.  Relax and make sure I'll be mentally ready to handle whatever comes.  But I'm thankful for Carpenter's encouragement to keep moving and get things done, so maybe we'll end the week victoriously.

I need to keep working on things, so that I'm not super behind come Sunday.  

Keep pressing on

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