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Friday, June 14, 2013

Titus 2 Tea - Outdoor work projects

 This week, I got this flower bed planted.  The dogs love to lay in it, much to my dismay.

Here's the before pic:

Below is a before pic of in front of our woodshed:

I got the wood shed all cleaned out and all these things that go in the other two sheds or in the trash put away.  I also made a trip to the dump today, even though I didn't have a lot of things to throw away.

 The boys made a lot of progress on the wood that needed to be split.  It's not finished but we'll try to get it done this weekend.

 I also was able to plant flowers out here.  See our cat, Goliath, stalking something over by the duck pen?

The pool was set up but had a gash so today we are trying to see if our patch will work.

Haven't done a lot in this area except mow really well.

Another view of the flowers the dogs love to lay in.  Problem is, I love these flowers.   So not happy about the dogs issue with laying on them.

And today, I received the Father's Day stuff I ordered.  I ordered a labeler, plastic shoe boxes and some containers for screws and stuff.  So I will be working on organizing the garage/shop for Carpenter.  It's something he really needs.

Keep pressing on.


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