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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday's Household - planning

when I took this picture my list wasn't filled out yet

After several days of flops, I now have a plan to help the kids (older ones) know what to do during the day and give them some responsibility with it.

We sat down this morning and mapped out our day.  With lots of free time, and with chores.  Hopefully, this will help them accomplish the one thing I need them to do today.

I usually do this.  Leaving myself plenty of time to complete the job that I put in my half-hour slot.  That way, if I get busy with changing diapers or dealing with issues, I can still get the important things done. 

Sometimes I'll  be way ahead and other times I will find that the time is quickly passing and I won't finish.  But usually, if it's weeding the garden, I can end at any time.  Also I get to sit down at the computer and browse Facebook or study my scripture verses for a bit till the next time starts.

How do you keep up with all the things on your plate?  Some do a chart on the fridge.  I'm not good at sticking with any ONE thing, so I have tried them all.  But I keep coming back to this notebook idea.

Keep pressing on

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