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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cooking Tuesday - (a little late) Baked Potatoes in the crockpot

Have you ever tried making baked potatoes in the crock pot?  I haven't.  But yesterday, I put potatoes in my roaster.  My house didn't heat up, like it does when the oven is on.  That was a plus since yesterday it was very warm outside.

You can wrap them in foil.  Didn't have any and I hate trying to unwrap them when they're hot.  So we washed and stabbed 15 huge potatoes.  I put them in the roaster at 350 degrees.  But not for long enough.  These were Monster Potatoes.  For a crock pot (we had too many potatoes for ours), I think it was on low and they're ready by noon.

I fried some onions, and we had grated cheese, ham, onion, sour cream and butter on our potatoes.  Yum!!!!

Keep pressing on.

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