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Monday, June 17, 2013

Project Monday - A Father's Day Gift

A friend had a great Father's Day gift for her hubby.  He's going to be doing some studying on-line.  So she created a quiet place for him to do his studying.  I had been pondering a good gift for Carpenter.  What would be something he would actually appreciate?  I'm not brave enough to buy him another tool for his workshop/our garage.
When she told me about her idea, I knew what I needed to do for Carpenter.  Organize his area.  I wouldn't really like having someone else organize my area without my help.  But Carpenter does not feel the same way.  He's told me time and again that he would love to have his garage organized with or without his help.
The painting shelves

 Me with my new labeler

I ordered the plastic shoe boxes and the labeler and also some bins for screws.   Then I had fun with my labeler.  Obviously we were on a protection theme. :)

 The end result is I got most things into a container that is labeled and now we know where to put stuff when we want to put it away.  Hopefully our kids will get into the habit too.

I didn't get his whole garage finished, but I did get a second area done. This is where he keeps screws and nails and jars of miscellaneous things.  I'm telling you this is a difficult area to organize, when I'm not sure if the item is a thing-a-majig or a dealie-bob.  But I organized to the best of my ability.

I love the little bins for the screws and they are labeled with size.  But as Carpenter said, you can't haul it to a job that way or they'll spill everywhere.  So I have some of those applesauce containers in a box for such a time.
 First I set it up like this.  But as I was taking a picture, I noticed something that shouldn't be.  I took away the access to the electric box.  Not a good idea.  So....

I like this better.  Everything is still here, except for the stuff that doesn't belong.  I would like the garage to be a series of stations, so we know where to look for things.  Also I want to paint it, maybe today.

I'm going to get back into organizing this summer.  So probably our projects will mostly deal with that for awhile.

Keep pressing on,

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