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Monday, June 3, 2013

Project Monday - chain link for summer days

This summer I've been looking forward to day after day of 10 children in the house.  I've honestly been dreading it.  How are things going to go?  What will we do?  How will I keep them from getting on each other's nerves?

So one day, for my own sake, and because we needed a craft, I made a chain.  A rainbow link with each date of summer written on a link.  I was hoping no one would ask questions and just enjoy the craft.  I was making this chain to count down the days till life gets a bit easier.  Last week was full of rain and storms and even severe weather, I was weary of trying to keep them occupied.

But the question did come.  "Why are we making a chain link for summer when we don't want it to end?  Whenever we make these kinds of chains it's always counting down to something.  We don't want to count down to the end of summer."  

"Just think of it this way," I said.  "You can see how long the chain is and how many days you have to explore and do all kinds of fun things."

And now I see the beautiful chain and I think that I should write on the backs of the links something to special to do on those days.  Now, I'm not in a rush to hurry the days by, but rather I'm looking at how long the chain is and thankful that it is that long.

This week is VBS and I'm so thankful for all my help.  So many people pitched in to make it wonderful.  And we are busy, busy, busy this week.  But it's good.

Keep pressing on.

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