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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts (oops, it's still Wednesday) - Growing up Gentlemen

This is taken from a blog that has 24 ways to prepare your young man to be a gentleman

As I was looking over the list, I saw this one and looked outside and saw it in action.

My boys are a huge help to me with the little ones around here.  And the little ones love them.  They love being taken to look at the cows or chickens or ducks. 

Next year will be a lot different on school days.  They won't be here to help take babies outside to play.  This school year is almost over.  Today we only have a little over a week left, but a storm's brewin' so we thought we'd spend part of the morning outside.  They had a lot of fun.

Our boys need help learning to be leaders.  The world around says just play vidoe games and do what you want while you can.  But our Lord showed a different side of a man.  My goal (and my husband's) is to teach my boys to be like Him.

Making the most of today

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