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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

White choclate covered popcorn

Not sure why it's called white choclate when I doubt there is any choclate in it.  Maybe because it is the same consistency.  But today it's what we're having for snack.

Pop popcorn as usual.  Not sure how microwaveable would do if it has butter on it.  But we always make our popcorn on the stove.
Then we pour them into a bowl, and shake it, so the kernels fall to the bottom. Next we pull out the popcorn from the top, so that we don't get any of those "old maids".

Melt the candy according to the directions.  And pour over the popcorn - stir well.  It's even better with some crushed oreos mixed in with it.


Making the most of today

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  1. I love the recipes you post! This looks like fun!