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Friday, May 10, 2013

Titus 2 Tea - Gardening - Week 2

 I thought I would share what we're doing in the garden and show a bit more about it.  I know that I have posted on this once before but it was just the initial stages.  I got my photographer out there today and was able to get more pics of the process.  We still don't have all the things planted in Jules garden, but I'm still monitoring tests, so we'll probably finish it later in the day.

First, I dug the soil back.  Who needs to go to the gym, when you have a garden?

Then filled it up with dirt, and dug it down a bit around the outside.  And since we're splitting wood, I've been putting the small bark scraps and stuff in the walkway.

Then I laid some sticks down to help me see the 16 squares.  If you take each stick and imagine that it goes the full length of the box, you'll have 16 squares.

Since I was putting broccoli in these two squares, I just dug one hole.  For onions or carrots I would do more than one.  I also transplanted some volunteer lettuce from the edge of the garden into her lettuce spots.

 I only put one thing of lettuce in those spots but think that four would be perfect.  We'll plant carrots right in the ground and normally lettuce or spinach too.

And here she is with her spot.  She's my gardener, flower girl, lady-bug lover.  So she'll love it.  Later on for one of our crafts this summer, we'll do rock painting.   That way they can individualize their gardens, and decorate them a bit.

Making the most of today.

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