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Friday, May 24, 2013

Titus 2 Tea - Gardening

The garden is coming along great.  I don't have as much planted as I want to but maybe today will be that day. 

I just have one extra kid, but we have piano lessons, meetings with the school guidance counselor, trip to the dump and then a trip with hubby to go pick up things for the rodeo concessions in a couple of weeks.

Uh, doesn't look like I have a lot of time to be gardening. 

Potatoes need to be planted and onions, beans lettuce, spinach, carrots, um yeah, pretty much everything. 

What is very cool is that the little kids decided yesterday afternoon that they needed the weeds for their fort.  O.k.  Not sure why, but who cares?  They hauled away at least three wheelbarrows of weeds that are where I need to be planting, so I'm one happy girl.  Also they don't have time to squabble when they are working as a team getting all those valuable weeds. 

Today they are out there again filling wheelbarrows.   Tank is the leader and the motivator.  He's having a blast. 

It's so fun to have my kids excited to do something that needs to be done, even if it is motivated by reasons other than my own. :)

Making the most of today

P.S.  Enjoy your Memorial Day!

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