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Friday, May 3, 2013

Titus 2 Tea - May is Planting Month

This month for Titus 2 Tea, we'll talk about planting.  I have planted some things, but the only thing I have actually planted in the ground in my garden is the peas. 

It's still too cold for some of the other things.  I'm glad my lettuce wasn't planted yet and the onions, because we had a freeze warning last night - in MAY!!!!!  I'm hoping the peas will be o.k.  Carpenter says "Yes, they will be fine."

But this month is the month for planting or so says my Father-in-law.  He's the one to talk about gardening.  His is beautiful.  The flowers are gorgeous and he has plenty of vegetables.

We're not finished yet with our boxes.  I think we'll work on that some this weekend - though I'll be working on Saturday.  I need to do five more.  Then we'll get the dirt to fill it in. 

But as for the planting, the things I'm going to try to get in this week is lettuce, onions, and spinach.  Maybe even the broccoli.  Now you may think that cauliflower could and should go in at the same time as broccoli, but no.  That's something that we learned this year.  I think that even potatoes can go in at this time.

I'm not a gardener.  I frustrate my man in my lack of gardening skills, but I keep trying and every year I get better at it.  In the past, we have not had to buy any frozen veggies - though I love them. We have had enough to last the whole year.  But this year, I did run out of everything but butternut squash and pumpkin that is canned. 

So for our family, it is well worth it to do this.  In our family, we eat about 2 pounds of veggies at our main meal.  I think if you get frozen on sale it's a dollar a pound.  That would be somewhere around $700 a year.  We can use that money for something else. :)

Making the most of today.

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