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Monday, May 13, 2013

Project Monday - a new need around here

Now that spring has arrived, we are in desperate need of that picket fence I've been wanting.  Two little one-year olds make for a busy time outside.  Right now, it isn't too hard, but in the fall when my kiddos are off to school and it's still nice, I don't want to run after them every little bit. 

So yard clean-up here we come.  Carpenter says we need to get everything else done before we can start a new project, so I'll take some pictures to show you our wonderful yard. Ahem. 

Then we'll decide what needs to be done.

 Circling from the back porch around to the front - this is the dogs' area.  Really not ideal to have the dogs commandeer the picnic table but as you can see in the next picture their dog house is not moveable.

They sleep in the hole under the house.  It works perfect.  The only thing that is not good about this is that the chain for Jack runs right in front of the steps, not nice for parents.  One goal is to eliminate the chain altogether, by fencing up the back yard which could be opened to a wider area for more fun for both dogs. 

This is the other side.  Parents walk past this when they bring their kids over.  It was dug up last summer and now I'm ready to figure out what to do there.  It needs to be sloped so the water doesn't collect, so haven't figured this out.

Swings and teeter-totters for the kids and a sandbox for the littler ones.

In front of the swings, needs to be mowed, but other than that, I'm satisfied with it.

This also looks good, except for all the grass growing up around the propane tank.  I'll need to find a way to keep the grass out of there.

 The very back of this picture is the duck and chicken pens.  I think they'll have to go.  Also the green carpet that was under our pool last year.  Still need to find a place for that too.

And all this wood needs to be split and stacked and more duck stuff to be moved - somewhere. 

Get it done in a week.  I don't think so.  This will be worked on the rest of this month, while I also work on VBS and the rodeo, which is in the first week of June.  Lest you think I am planning an entire rodeo, I am not.  Just the food, but that's enough for me.

Making the most of today,

I'm heading outside to move that carpet. ;)  Eat an elephant one bite at a time!

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  1. My mom says this to me frequently! :) Great reminder, Stephanie!