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Friday, May 17, 2013

Titus 2 Tea - Gardening

 These are the boxes for the kids.  Almost all done with them, except for tomatoes and some peas and beans that I  just bought today.

 My peas are looking really good.  Just need to weed around the edges a bit more.

Yesterday we transplanted cauliflower, broccoli and peppers.  I have some watermelon and tomatoes that need to grow a bit before we transplant them.

My flowers are looking good and I bought some profusion zinnias today to plant in my flower bed.

 More flowers in my flower bed
My tomatoes are still tiny so I think I'll wait till next week to put these out. 

I still have onions, peas, beans, brussel sprouts,  and radishes to plant from seed. 

Making the most of today.

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