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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts - Keeping things straight

We as moms, have an abundance of things that we need to keep track of.  We need to make sure not only that we are dressed and ready for the day, but that each little person that we are given charge of, is also ready for the day.

We must take care of hygeine needs, not only of ourselves but also of our young ones.

We must feed ourselves and the family God has given us.

Even in exercising, we need to make sure that our children have an outlet for the energy that is unceasing.

And rest, we must make sure that we all get the rest that we need, and knowing who has what needs in this regard is somewhat difficult. 

We also have what seems like a bazillion other things to do. 

Lately, I've been messing around with some games on the computer while I wait for my boys to finish their tests.  I really have other things I could do nearby and still monitor them.  But sometimes I take a break.

One of the games that I play is a farm game - no it's not FarmVille.  But you're required to harvest certain things and get enough to pass the section.  Well sometimes I find all kinds of things to harvest and then the game is over and I'm out of moves and I realize that I was harvesting all the wrong things. 

Say the goal is to get 20 onions, 30 suns and 40 rain drops.  I was harvesting carrots and apples.  Oops.  I need to have my goals in front of me and that is why I succeed so much better when there is a list near me of the things I need to do. 

When the list is next to my computer, I usually allow myself to do one fun thing - like reading a blog or playing a game and then I go and tackle one thing on my list.  It works pretty well for me.  I get to the end of my day - not with computer overload - but with a neat house, laundry done and supper ready. 

Not every day works out well, even with my priorities straight.  But I don't do what the sign says when I've failed the game - I don't give up.  I will try again and continue asking God to mold and shape me. 

Making the most of today

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