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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday's Household - Delegate!

With the rodeo and VBS looming before me, I know that my tendency is to let the house go and just allow it to get trashed.  Trouble is - I had it clean last Friday and by Saturday it wasn't looking too pretty.

Carpenter had a talk with me last night.  He knows the load I am under right now, but he had to take the time to remind me of some issues I have overlooked in our house.  At first, my response was "Ouch!" even though my lips were silent.  But as I considered what he had to say, I realized he was right.

And now, look out kids, we're going to get this done today.  I have a lighter load today, because yesterday when I showed up at church to paint the decorations, there were a lot of ladies there ready to work.  We were going to work for three hours, but because we got done so quickly we went home early.

So today, I have painting VBS decorations checked off the list before we even start the day, though Jones has some plans to do some today.  Things he would like to do.

So, now, I'm going to set up some teams and work on the house for about a half hour in each area that really needs work - which equals about 4 or 5 areas.  Obviously I need to keep up with laundry and I really need to get out in the garden and weed even though it's been raining a lot.

No wii, till bedrooms are clean.  Have you heard me say that before?  I have, but got away from it.

What I'm realizing is that although I am swamped with these other two major things, I still need to keep up at home.  A huge thanks to those who came over to help me with VBS because without that I would be a lot more stressed.

Have a wonderful day

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  1. You have perfect timing. As I attempt to work on my writing, fill a jewelry order, and arrange some new web sights - I am reminded, my FIRST priority is my family and my home. Thank you for this post! It was much needed today.