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Monday, April 1, 2013

Project Monday - Bathroom closet

This was my project this weekend.  I have organized it and cleaned it before.  But didn't really use baskets, mostly I just put like things on the same shelves.  The problem with this solution is that things still get messy and you can't find stuff so you buy more - at least that's how it is in my house.

One of the things that I wanted to buy with the bit of extra we got from income tax time was some baskets or  bins or organizing supplies.  I was hoping Carpenter would agree.  But I got desperate and grabbed a bunch of shoe boxes lying around and some bins I already have and started sorting the closet.

I pulled everything out and wiped down the shelves.  Then I started filling shoe boxes with like things - face stuff - meds - vitamins - teeth (we have a plethora of things needed for teeth now that we have braces in the house) - cleaning supplies - soap - sunscreen - nails, make-up etc.   

Now there are a few things that are "loose" on the shelves, but mostly things are in their basket, which I can pull out easily to see what we have.

Next step is to find some paper and decorate the shoe boxes.  I'd also like to get some new shelf liner for the shelves.  But that is by far cheaper than buying the bins themelves.

Making the most of today,

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