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Friday, April 26, 2013

Titus 2 Tea - chalboard contact paper and my entryway

 My entryway is pretty chaotic looking.  It's tight and crowded and really there is no sense of order for the kids I care for.  My kids know which hook is theirs, but the parents who drop their kids off don't ever know where to put the baby/toddler's coat. 

Now that spring is here (?), we just have lighter jackets.  I washed all their coats earlier this month and the winter weather hit and we had more snow.  BIG mistake.  Now we're just going to hang up their coats in their closets for a quick retrieval if necessary.  But we are really hoping it's not necessary.

We don't have a coat closet at either of the entries in our house and it makes things rather cluttered looking.  So in an attempt to work on this area, I used some chalkboard contact paper for my little signs.

The top hooks have two people per hook.  My older three each have a specific little one to look after.  So they share a hook with a little one.  This way Sharpie can grab his coat and the Little Miss's coat as we walk out the door to the park or whatever.  Jones is with Baby(um Toddler) A and Waterman gets Sweeties coat.

It has to be written in chalk but they are super high up so I don't think it will rub off too much, except for the coats below.

The younger ones don't share, but that's because they don't need to yet.  Their backpacks go on the lower hook and their coats go over top of that.  Now that AWANA is over for the year, they don't need their AWANA bags, so we put those away for now.
Another use for my chalkboard paper.  It didn't work on my other cupboards - they were too rough.  But this is my pantry so that works out great.  This was my original intent for the chalkboard paper.

Making the most of today

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