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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts - vigilance

As I look outside, the yard looks like someone sifted powdered sugar over it.  The trees hang heavy with the ice that came yesterday.  It's so beautiful.  The most beautiful thing is that none of it was on the roads - they were dry as I took my children to school. 

But it's mid-April and I'm ready for spring.  Ready to plant onions and lettuce and spinach, but I will wait and paint a few more rocks for placing out in the garden. 

I shared about the vigilance needed with a garden.  I need it desperately with my children.  Having seven, and three or four extras at times, means I should be vigilant and on the alert more, but I'm afraid that's not what happens. 

Generally, I go to my computer and escape.  I do all kinds of good things, organize this and work on that.  But I don't want to be bound by the kids, so usually I ask one of the older kids to take care of getting the milk for another or whatever is needed at the time. 

I am aware of what is going on mostly, but sometimes not.  One of the little ones found a stamp that shouldn't have been in her play area.  Her tongue and hands are coated with pink now, because I didn't catch it soon enough.

I'm not saying that I will catch everything.  But it's my job to really pay attention, to be the mom or babysitter that they need.  It's the task that God has given to me.  On Time-warp Wife's website I found a little sheet that is a helpful reminder to me.  It's in the front of all my binders.   Quote from Elisabeth Elliot

As you know, my blog is about things that I'm still working on - and this is one of those things.  I don't want to put everything I have into my day or I may not be able to stand up in the evening.  If I relax my way through the day, then I won't get burnt-out.  These fears have never or hardly ever become a reality.

So I need to give everything my best shot - take breaks when I need to and then do what God has for me.  And part of that is restricting myself to the kitchen table so that I can make sure that certain boys of mine get an education and finish the school year well.  And it's also about teaching them to learn to do the things on their own without me standing over them.

Each one is different and I've heard it said that I need to be a student of my children.  To learn who they are and they ways they learn best, so that I can train them in the best way.

This is what I'm working on today.


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