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Monday, April 22, 2013

Project Monday - Organizing a room Part 2

We will be having a "Part Three" in this series.  I need more time, so maybe even a "Part Four".  We are progressing.  It may not look like it to you - and don't even look in their closet.  But my world moves much slower than most people's.  I can't finish an organizing project in a day or two - this one would have taken a week even if I could give five or six hours to it daily. 

But progress is being made.  Clothes are being whittled down to what actually fits in drawers.  I need to get them more hangars and a tool to keep their clothes separate.  More about that later.  The room is now set up as we want it, except for the desks.  Only 11 more days of this school year for them (or less, if they work harder), and then the desks will go upstairs.

While I work at a turtle's pace normally, we have a couple of extra things that are keeping us from getting more done.  Grandpa and Grandma are here and Sharpie had a birthday on Saturday (I am not going to make you clean your room on your birthday, and less if Grandpa and Grandma are here.)  and today they have testing at the school the younger kids go to.

So while Grandma and Grandpa are away for a few hours, I'm working on a project to make the closet more organized.  I know you're laughing.  Why try?  That's the question I have too.  But I have given up for too long and it's not helping.  So I'm going to try and ask the Lord for wisdom with a balance - my teenagers need freedom to make mistakes, and yet still need some training and guidelines. 

 First I took a CD and used it as a template on some cardstock thickness paper.  I will glue my colored paper to this.

Then I cut out of the colored paper.  This didn't work super as I had to keep trimming so it would be the same. 

For red and blue, I glued the colored paper to the cardstock first and then cut out the shape somewhat free hand.  No extra trimming.

Next I put names on the rings.  They should fit over the closet rod.  They don't need names as they all know what their color is.  Sharpie is blue, Jones is red, Waterman is green.  It's always been that way with toothbrushes and towels and other things too.

It works perfect.  Nothing fancy, like I would like to do in my girls' room, but it will work great.  I still have to sort their clothes, but they need to be here.  I don't really know who belongs to what anymore.

Making the most of today,

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