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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday's Household - more organizing

I just need to tell you that my house is NOT organized.  But I love going into places that are.  I guess this keeps me pursuing some organization in my own house.  I'm taking teeny steps toward this.  Since this is the month for organizing in my Titus 2 Tea posts, I'm pursuing it harder than ever.

The Bible says "pursue excellence".  While I don't (definitely) have it all together, this is the area I'm working on.   And I kind of think, I'll always be working on it.  I'll never have it all together.

So yesterday was the videos that have been bugging me in our bedroom.  Just want to get all things office out of there, but we don't have a room designated as an office so....for now, I'll just be happy with little steps.

The videos are always a mess, never stacked neatly and someone who is looking for a video always seems to tear apart the bookshelf.  Now, my new solution isn't all that great either.  There are some major problems with it, but it is a better solution so we'll go with it for now. 

First, I had the boys bring down all the videos (and when I say videos, I mean VHS cassettes - DVD's are store elsewhere).  Then I sorted according to little kid, older kid and family.   There are a couple of videos in the family movies that I wouldn't want the little kids to watch without me, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't pick them anyway.

Then I started filling a crate with the little kids' movies - Winnie the Pooh and mostly all cartoons.
I labeled it with a ring clip. 
And then put them up on this shelf, way above the dryer.  As I said before there are a few problems with this, so I will have to think about it more.  One is that when you go to take the crate down, if you aren't on a chair, you end up with a movie or two bouncing off the head.  The other is that the older boys and I are the only ones who can get to the movies. 

There are a couple of good things about this solution.  The opposite of the negative - less hands messing with the movies means less mess, and that is especially when the little hands can't get to them. The other thing is that it's out of my room. 

One very quick fix to this is to simply make four categories and add another crate, if the movies weren't stacked so high in the crate they wouldn't fall out when I'm pulling them down. 

What cool things are you working on this spring?  Something about spring makes me want to get lots done and do spring cleaning etc.  But just wait till summer, then I'll be wanting to be inside on the couch again. 

Making the most of today for His glory

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  1. I might have to steal your idea.... :)I've got a video monster, too.