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Monday, April 15, 2013

Project Monday - organizing a room Part 1

The boys' room - they are older and this is a normal look for their room.  I want to give them some liberty, but I also want to give them some incentive to keep things neat.  We have less laundry and the clothes get wrecked less when we take care of them.

My goal is to train them to care for their room, so I plan to ask them to be involved with the organizing.  If they do, they will more than like own it and do it themselves. 

I don't want to overwhelm them by doing this project in a day, so we started last week with some daily chores that would start the process to a clean room.

On the first day, I asked them to each bring down a laundry basket with things from the floor.  They only had to fill the basket and bring it down.  Then I helped them sort the things and get them put away.  The boys measured the room and I drew a map of it.

The second day was to clear a bookshelf of school books and prepare it for reading books.  We packed away the school books in boxes in the attic.

The third and fourth days were clothes from their drawers.  They figured out what would be stored in each drawer.  Then they took their clothes up to their room and put them away. 

Their room will need to be neat before they get Wii.  That is where I need to check it each day.    And make sure that they have done their jobs.

Over the next few days we'll be working on their closet and giving them bins and baskets to put their things in.  It's not likely but my hope is that they will use them. 

Making the most of today.


  1. I like this idea of no wii until the room is clean. I need to use this same idea with Remy, except use his ipod as incentive. I do use his ipod as incentive for doing his chores when he gets home from school. Now if I could only teach him how not to hurry through his chores......

    1. Becca, this is the problem. And really means that I have to check up on their work. Which takes vigilance and a decision not to be lazy.