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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More on quiet times in God's Word

Written last week:
Yesterday, I sent Waterman (my third son) downstairs to stack wood in the wood room while my oldest and I were working on taking care of stacking the wood outside and splitting.  We were to work for an hour and then quit. 

I noticed that the window to the basement was covered over with wood, but simply thought that those were the pieces he hadn't gotten to yet.  Carpenter (my husband)'s instructions were rather specific and although my second son, Jones, came up with a different idea, Carpenter wanted to stick to the plan. 

Waterman either wasn't in on the conversation or wasn't paying attention because he stacked all the wood the opposite way and two rows deep.  He just went down and saw it stacked two different ways and picked one and worked on it for an hour.  He was faithful.  Faithfully, doing it the opposite way his dad wanted.

Now, this could have been left that way, but we know what Carpenter would like.  He won't grumble and complain because it's not what he wants, but he did have a reason for doing it the other way.

So this morning, all four of us went downstairs to try to remedy the problem.  There is about 1/2 of the room's worth of wood in that room, so it's not an easy problem to solve.    We spent 15 minutes down there and got to the beginning of a solution. 

Not wanting to take any more school time, we're waiting till baby takes her second nap before I go down and continue working on it, while they split and stack outside.

It occurred to me that this is somewhat like our lives.  We go into our day, looking around at what others are doing or what looks like the next thing to do.  Without spending time in the Word, we could end up doing what Waterman did, working very hard and very faithfully on something that is the opposite of what the Father desires for us.

Being in the Word is vital to knowing His heart, to knowing His mind.  A Bible School teacher once said, "If you want to know what's on God's mind, get close to His heart."  He's faithful to show us through His Word.  We see His character.  Some things are clearly spelled out, some not so much, but we can see helpful hints all through His Word as we make decisions.

Get in the Word and you'll know His heart.

Making the most of today,

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