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Monday, November 19, 2012

Bathroom project

The first of my diy projects around the house.  I found these projects while I was de-cluttering.  As I worked on certain rooms, I found an area that I make a change to benefit our family.  Here is the first one:

The problem:  the door to the basement bathroom can't open very far because of the cabinet behind it.  There is very little room in this bathroom, and hubby doesn't have time to make shelves. 

So what is a suitable solution for the long-term?  I searched Pinterest, my go-to place for great ideas, and I found some things that I love.  Baskets especially, but since I don't have any laying around and I would need a few for this.  It was out of budget to consider such a great solution.

But while I was searching Pinterest something made me think of a shoe organizer, and so I ran up to my room and threw all the shoes out of my shoe organizer in my closet.  I brought it down and it seemed to work, but I still need to cut a hole in it, because dh likes to hang his clothes on the hook I covered up.
Below is another look - you can see that the cleanser for the sink and shampoo and soaps are in the top row.  The one spot is left empty so that I can cut that hole there.  Deodarant and more soap and razors and washcloths rolled up.  Handtowels and shampoo are in the third row.  My only trouble was the bath towels and what to do with them.
So I walked through our local Wal-mart looking for ideas.  And that's when I remembered a three drawer plastic dresser that I had been storing school supplies in.  I decided I should use that as it would fit in the small corner in the bathroom, right next to the shower and where the towels hang.  But what to do with those school supplies????  Oh yeah, when I cleaned the little boys room there was a plastic three drawer dresser that was about double the size of the one below.  It's up in the attic and the perfect size for my school supplies.
Total cost was $6 for another shoe organizer for our house, I love those things.  I'm half-tempted to get another one for our back porch for gloves.  That would be a whole lot better than my drawer system.   I love that my solution was easy, and dh didn't have to do anything to help.  Most of all, he likes it.

Making the most of today,

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