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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Car cleaning

The vehicles all needed to be cleaned out.  Someone was asking for extra Wii time, so I gave him an hour for cleaning out all three vehicles.  I helped, because things don't get done well without some supervision.
Yes, there is a shopvac left in there.
Someone attempted to vacuum and then just left it in there.

When not cleaned on a regular basis, this is what you see in my van
Every time we get out of the car we all load up with the things we brought to the van.
But sometimes, little people join our group and have their own things, so we are always playing catch-up

When cleaning out the car, one thing to do every year is clean out the glove compartment.
We don't keep much in there.  As you can see after a couple of months of owning this, we have nothing in there yet.

But (different car) if your glove compartment looks more like this. 
  • Go through the papers and select only the two you need - registration and insurance
  • Throw the old ones away. Can you imagine the panic that would set in, if, after an accident, you are rifling through all these papers and trying to find the right one? Yikes!
Whenever insurance stuff comes in, I always take it straight to the vehicle it belongs in.
What I don't do, because usually the other one is not expired yet, is take out the old one.
At this point I should be putting a third one in, so I should take out the oldest one.
As far as the pink registration slip, I don't think it would be a problem to take out the old one, but not sure on that.

Anyway, however it works for you. Maintain! Maintain! Maintain!

Develop a new habit.  Mine will be to make sure to take out the old.

Ahhh! Nice and neat and easy to find quickly

The bin of supplies

I grabbed my supplies from all three vehicles and brought them to my counter

First I sorted my maps.
The van got the road atlas and a few of the double maps and the car got all the maps of states

My stash of meds - with a list on the bag, so I can see what I need to add.
It's important to go through this bag at least yearly, to throw the out-dated stuff away.

This is the bag that I found for keeping the med bag in along with other things I would like to have on hand.
Lotion, gum, wipes, note cards, pens, etc.  - Make a list that suits you.

Here they are stored under the passenger seat in the front. 
Maps, paper towels and the bag
It's so nice to have a clean van to get in.  I need to clean my vehicles on a weekly basis and Friday is my day to do that.  I don't always do it, but I want to.  I don't want my kids to view a sloppy car as the norm.   How do you maintain your vehicle? 

Another thing that I don't have here, but would be good to store in each vehicle is a spray bottle for cleaning the dash, a dust rag (I do have that) and something to help wipe fingerprints off the windows.  If my cleaning equipment is stashed in the van, then I may be able to do something to clean up while I'm waiting for my kids to get out of school.

Making the most of today

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