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Monday, November 26, 2012

Kitchen project

I found an idea on Pinterest that I liked awhile back.  Now that I'm working on a project for each room, I thought that I would take on this project.  I didn't know how long it would take, but thought it would be a huge benefit in the kitchen. 

The idea is to hang up the measuring cups and spoons inside a cupboard door.  I also have recipes that are supposed to hang on the calendar that I have, but it's too much weight for the calendar, so they have been stuck in a drawer. 

It's hard to keep drawers neat with measuring cups and spoons and lots of recipe cards in them.  So I thought that I would hang the cups and spoons on the door with the flour and sugar, and the recipe cards on another door.

Since I have older boys to help and they are home-schooled, one of my ideas for them is projects with wood for "shop"class.  So I assigned this project to Sharpie.  He worked with me, and I think it helped him to gain confidence with the tools.  Jones' assignment for the day was to get the tires back on the trailer, and Waterman's was to nail paneling to the chicken's screen door so they don't get cold. 

But for today, we'll just show you this project.
5 gal paint stirrers and cup hooks
 I bought four stirrers ($.28 each) and 3 pkgs of cup hooks ($.97 each).  Total project cost - $4.31, including the tax.
First sand it down.  The paint can apparently helped while he was sanding.

For our project, we used one wide cupboard door and a narrower one, so two sticks were shorter.
Cut the stirrers to the proper length, then paint them.

Drill holes in the ends to screw them into the door, so that they don't split.

Use screws to hang them on the door.

Add the cup hooks.  I found it easier to add them after it was already on the door.  I found out by trying it this way first.

Sharpie working on getting them all up.

Finally hang up the recipes

and the measuring cups and spoons.
I love having these out of the drawers. 

Making the most of today,

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