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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tortillas - a repost

Before my cooking day, I plan to try to make all the tortillas I need.  Hopefully, I can find someone to help me roll them out etc.  I have some who like to shape them.  It truly does save a bunch of money.  I think I spent $3 on 8 12-inch tortilla shells the last time I bought them. 

Making Tortilla Shells

This is a great way to keep costs down.

Remember, not every one has the time to do the things I am finding time for right now.  I've had my super busy seasons and this one is too, but mostly because I'm learning how to do things that take a bit more time, to help our family's budget.

If you're trying to emulate Steph, you're missing the point.  The apostle Paul said, "Follow me, as I follow Christ."  That's what I want for you.  But just because I'm following Christ in my household by making tortilla shells, instead of buying them, doesn't mean the same for you and your family. 

Each household runs differently.  What I want you to see is that I'm trying to follow my husband's lead, but doing the small things he asks of me.  Obviously, he doesn't mind if I don't make tortilla shells, just don't buy them - make something else.

So walk in the Spirit, and do the things that would bring God glory in your life.

Keep pressing on,

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