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Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Columbus Day!

Today, I am home alone with my five-year old boy and we are getting some things done. 

Already, I have re-picked up the bedrooms and swept the stairs. 

The dining room is swept and the chairs are up on the table for an opportune time to mop.

 I've been emptying the freezer downstairs to make a list of what we have and organize my freezer more.  I'm thinking meals for the week and a few vegetables upstairs and all the rest organized downstairs.

And while I was downstairs I remember that I really need to clean (thoroughly) my husband and older boys' bathroom.  I never (hardly ever) use it and don't get down there to see how bad it gets and therefore it gets forgotten.  All the walls got wiped, the shower scrubbed and baseboards and floors got a thorough hand-washing.

The tomatoes are on the stove and I'm thawing the last (I hope) bag of frozen tomatoes for I'm not sure what yet,  I'm thinking chili.

I also want to dig into the attic and get out the bins of clothes and bring out the winter clothes. This week anyway, it looks like we'll need them. 

So many other things to do, so Happy Columbus Day! 

Keep pressing on!

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