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Friday, February 1, 2013

Titus 2 Tea - Personal - Exercise

Today's post is something I'm not good at.  In fact, I'm horrible at it.  Yes, I have 10 kids at times in my house, but no, that does not mean I'm running around getting my exercise because of it. 

Our Bible study leader, who is a doctor's wife, has said before that exercise is 30 minutes of your heart pumping.  Uh, that doesn't happen in this house.  Except on Saturdays that I go work with Carpenter and then it's a couple of hours with a few short rests.  Not sure that once every couple of weeks is good enough.

While 30 minutes is ideal, I think I will start with fifteen minutes or even five of just picking up my knees while watching t.v. or probably while the kids are napping.  My bigger boys can be outside running and jumping with the dogs.  It's something to work toward, and something that is in the back of my mind that I would like to do - kind of like quilting.

The main thing is not to get upset with yourself or your children as you work toward this goal.  For me three times a week doesn't work.  I need to fit it into my school schedule and do it each day we have school. Which may mean four times a week as Fridays are school days, but crazy ones. 

Then on Saturdays, my exercise will be clean-up outside if possible and wood splitting and stacking. 

What works for you?  This is not a must, not required by God, but it definitely is beneficial.

Making the most of today,

P.S. Next week, we'll start on February's topic - Household and Housekeeping

Devotions through Leviticus 6 and Psalm 7 and I'm still working on memorizing Romans 1:11-12

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